So we're not going to let a worldwide pandemic stop us from bringing you our wonderful collection of Boutique Owners, Artisan Makers and Small Independent Companies - we're going online!!  It's been a tough year for a lot of people and we thought this would be a great way of supporting all those small businesses that we would usually see in person.

We've put together a wonderful collection of not just some of our exhibitors that have been with us and have become regular features at our fairs but going online has brought us a lot of new companies from around the country and all offering special offers and exclusive discounts to CLF customers on every purchase whilst the fair is open.  

So shop in the comfort of your own home, get comfortable in your jammies with a glass of something lovely and know you're supporting a lot of incredibly talented people who can't wait to see you in person in the future.  

How does it work?

We'll send you a link to our online fair when we're going live, along with an exclusive code that gives you discounts on all your orders when you shop with our exhibitors.  Just click on the photo of the exhibitor to start shopping through their website, browse with no time constraints and on their checkout use your discount code. The discount code can be used as many times as you'd like when the fair is open.

We couldn't just offer the fair once, so don't delay, sign up today to get your exclusive access to our online fairs and discount codes.

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